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newbie: Schema design


I have been working on designing a directory for a company that I work for. The directory will be used by Outlook/Netscape address books and in-house programs for various tasks. The end objective is to centralize a lot of the information proliferation in our system (e.g. employee is hired IT, managers, etc. must be notified). In setting up the directory design I have run across a battle of semantics with regards to some things. For example we have an associate ID and not an employee ID. I realize that this is petty, but if I create the attribute "aid associateID" would that create any problems later on?

Some relevant points are:
* Apache, Sendmail, Qpopper, PAM, Outlook, Netscape are the only LDAP aware applications that are not "in-house" application.
* We have obtained a Private Enterprise Number.

Can I simply create that attributes and object classes that fit our "lingo" and assign OIDs using our P.E.N.?

Thanks in advance,
- Bennett