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Different DNs to the same LDAP entry


Am I correct in thinking that it is not possible to have different DNs to the same LDAP entry?  I tried to create the following structure...

   /          \
      context2     context3
                                   \          /
    \      /

DirContext ctx2 = ctx1.createSubcontext(...);
DirContext ctx3 = ctx1.createSubcontext(...);

DirContext schizo = ctx2.createSubcontext(...);

ctx3.bind( "ou=schizoContext", schizoContext );

I thought that maybe if I explicitely bound schizoContext into context3 then I might have the same schizoContext with context2 and context3 as parents, but I presume that's not what happened.  I bound a Java object into schizoContext with DN "javaObject=JavaObjectBinding, ou=schizoContext, ou=context2, ou=context1" and when I did a search in that context for entries with a javaObject objectclass it showed up, but when I did the same search in "ou=schizoContext, ou=context3" the object didn't show up.

Does this mean that when I did ctx3.bind, even though I used a previously created DirContext, it created a completely new directory context?

If so, is there any way to have multiple DNs to the same object without using the alias type, as that doesn't work on searches with my version of LDAP.