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Re: use ldap as an adressbook in outlook listed all persons

Terry Lambert writes:
> The LDAP protocol is generally administratively prohibited
> from returning all entries at once.  This has three intents:
1- spam prevention 2- overload 3- general case beyond #1, copyright

There are some situations where downloading the whole address book
but having it managed by ldap are desirable.  For instance if you're
a small or medium sized business, you have a lot of mobile employees,
they need access to corporate phone books &c but it's become too
much & too volatile to carry in their heads or in a book;
they want it in their email client or pda &c & they want frequent
updates.  The netscape DS & browser have an arrangement like that,
it has some security (& some security lapses) for dealing with 
items 1 & 3.  The browser uses the replication capability of netscape
DS to manage updates (which is mostly pure ldap, even tho replication
per se is not standard ldap).

Standardized ways of doing this would be a good thing.