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Users updating ldap entries from web page


I have an openldap server setup and running well. (I finally figured it
out:) I can access all the contact information I have entered into the 
ldap server from netscape and outlook 2000. Now I need to figure out 
a way to:

A. Set it up so either the admins or the user's manager can modify 
   a perticular users ldap information. 

B. Come up with some sort of web page interface to do this that will 
   restrict the person from modifying anything but their employees 
   information. The admins should be able to modify anything. I have
   a web page setup for the admins (ldap_admin which is a GREAT php3
   program). But the managers part I am kinda stuck on. 

Anyone know how I can accomplish these items? How can I lock down my 
ldap server to put these restrictions in place? Anyone know of a 
php3 or perl (php3 perferred) web based interface to ldap that can bind as
a perticular user to the ldap server and allow that user to
modify/add/delete enteries? Something that asks for the users DN info and
a password would rock.  I am not much of a coder so putting something
together myself would be a total nightmare. 

Any info you could offer would be a big help..

Thanks.. Mike