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LDAP Apache authorization - presupplying user & password ?


Not sure this is an LDAP or an Apache question, but I'll try here first.

I'm using the auth_ldap module to restrict access to an area on my
Apache server according to my LDAP database.

Is there a way to get through the authorization by supplying the
username and password in anticipation of the authorization challenge? I
want to have a login page which captures username and password which it
uses to authenticate access, and if successful, serve up a page inside
the restricted area. I could just use the pop-up window that the browser
supplys but AFAIK you can't then obtain the password string the user
supplied. I kinda need both because the page to access is an 'update
profile' page which I want to bind as the user, thereby restricting
writeable attributes. Otherwise I would need to have the update page
always bind as some write capable servant account, in which case there's
no point having attributes writeable by self ? Or as a kludge, get the
user to supply password again for a profile update (a bit tedious!).

sorry if this is barely on topic.

Tim Fulcher