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Sharing backend db?

I'm looking for feedback on a couple of thoughts I have had regarding slapd's
sharing a backend db. I figure that if the slapd's are all set to read-only,
there shouldn't be a problem as the on-disk files shouldn't be modified... but
is that correct? Does a read-only slapd alter the database files?

Secondly, if you were to add a *single* slapd with write access to the same
database files, could the read-only slapd's end up with in-memory data that
differed from modified on-disk content? Ideally the read-only slapd's would
discard any cached content if they detected a change to the backend db, but
does it? Could it?

I'm sure there's a whole load of issues/problems with this - are they lesser or
greater with v2?!

Any comments/thoughts/information greatly appreciated.


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