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Windows2000 user verification

Hi there ...

I have a list of questions concerning the possibilities for running
OpenLDAP as an Active Directory server (primarely user verification) for
a Windows2000 server.

1) Is it possible ?

2) Does it have any demands to your arcitecture og your
 - yes i bet it has - but what are they ?

3) How will Windows2000 trust my OpenLDAP server?

4) Does OpenLDAP apply to the query-syntaks of Windows2000? What do I
need to make it work ?

I would appriciate any help or pointers to help on these questions, as I
need to know for scure that OpenLDAP will be able to fulfill this quest.
If not I will have to implement a Windows2000 Active Directory Server -
which I'd rather avoid :)

I've tried to seek answers at the MSDN..but they only tell you how to
connect to an AD - and not how i actually works..

Thanks in advance