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Intranet and Internet Solution

hi all,

I'm going to propose a open source solution to setup an Internet and intranet infrastructure for a company of 300+ users. The following OSS products are identified:

Server OS - Linux
Workstation OS - Linux or Windows 98/Windows 2000 Pro
DNS - ISC Bind with DDNS
Mail - qmail or sendmail
Directory - Openldap

firewall - ipchains
web server - Apache
web appl server - ?
db server - ?

For the intranet part, I am looking for an integrated solution. I want to have all user accounts are centrally stored in ldap servers. Users log on to the network by authenticating with the ldap servers. For mail, I'd like users to lookup the email addresses stored in ldap servers. Therefore, I need every part tightly integrates with the ldap servers. Can anyone point to some more detail configurations to achieve these goals? Do I need any extra products? I'd like really details thing if possible like sample configuration files.

For the Internet part, I am looking for web appl and db server appls to write servlet with db backend. Maybe, some user account and profile storage in ldap server.

Any suggestion will be welcome.  Thanks in advance.

best regards,

Calvin Lam

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