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Re: How to determine attribute types in ldapmodify ?

Bvalues may be used anywhere, and does not rely on null-terminated strings
for an attribute value's length, whereas mod_values does.  The best way
to look at it is that using mod_bvalues can handle any kind of value,
binary or ASCII, whereas using mod_values is ASCII *only*.  Actually,
ASCII is not technically correct but will suffice for this discussion.

> Hello,
> I'm studying OpenLDAP server (1.2.10).  When i modify attributes, seems 
> ldapmodify always treats the attribute as binary attributes. In  
> clients/tools/ldapmodify.c, LDAP_MOD_BVALUE are always added to modify
> operation and only LDAPMod.mod_bvalues is used throughout the program.
> I think LDAMod.mod_values is used for ASCII attributes instead.  I wonder
> if i've missed out something in the ldapmodify operation.
> Would anyone please help?
> Thanks a lot.
> Regards,
> ST Wong
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> S.T. Wong                           | Email: st-wong@cuhk.edu.hk