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Running ldif2ldbm while slapd is still running - possible ?


I am in the situation that I need to create the whole LDAP-Database every
night from data stored in a SQL-DB. The current solution is to generate an
ldif-file, stop slapd (making pop3 unavaible for my users for about 15min [I
am using qmail-ldap]), then run ldif2ldbm and restart slapd afterwards.

The problem with this is that in the near future I can not afford the
"unavailibility" of the ldap-service, even at nights.

My Idea ist to simlpy run ldif2lbm in the background while slapd is still
running. Of course ldif2lbm would have to create the database in a different
directory and slapd would have to run in read-only mode during this time.
After ldif2ldbm is done I am planning on simply copying the new db-dir to
the old one, overwriting the db-files.

Is this possible / do you consider this to be "safe" ?

It's very sad that I really have to create the ldap-db every night but there
is no other way :-(

Thanks for you comments,