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Re: ACL problems with various groups in the by <who> section

Christian Gilmore wrote:
> I'm going for:
> access to *
>  by group="cn=Foo,ou=web,ou=groups,o=Tivoli Systems" write
>  by group="cn=OrgChart Admins,ou=web,ou=groups,o=Tivoli Systems" write
> Access for group OrgChart Admins is granted, but those on
> group Foo get the response of "Insufficient Privileges." As
> far as I can see, it should work just dandy. Here's Foo's
> and OrgChart Admins's records:


"member=" has no spaces (works):

> member=uid=jbodnar,ou=internal,ou=people,o=Tivoli Systems
> member=uid=mhogan,ou=internal,ou=people,o=Tivoli Systems
> member=uid=aashwort,ou=internal,ou=people,o=Tivoli Systems
> member=uid=eloliver,ou=internal,ou=people,o=Tivoli Systems

"member=" has spaces (fails):

> member=uid=cgilmore, ou=internal, ou=people, o=Tivoli Systems

Unless you have trailing spaces in a cn that your email
client is not telling us about, this is probably the problem.

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