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RE: Name/Location of .db file

Hi Jonathan,

I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly or not, but am I correct in thinking that you're looking for where your ldbm files are being stored by LDAP?  If so, then if you look in slapd.conf you'll find an entry for directory.  That's the directory where ldbm will store the files.  If you haven't changed it, then I think that the default is /usr/tmp


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Subject: Name/Location of .db file

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I'm trying to evaluate OpenLDAP (slapd). I've compiled the latest stable
release on RedHat 6, but I think I've botched the initial load.

I want to erase the directory database and start again, but I cannot
figure out where the directory information is actually stored.

Can anyone tell me what the file is likely called and where it's kept?


Jonathan Donald