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Re: ldap tunneling question

On Fri, Jun 02, 2000 at 05:02:05PM -0400, Doug Nazar wrote:
> On  2 Jun, blair christensen wrote:
> > blammo#  stunnel -p .... -d localhost:ldap -c -r odin:ldaps -D 7 -f
> Try with out -p on the client. I've been using the following commands
> since stunnel 3.4 and it works fine.
> client
> /usr/sbin/stunnel -c -d 389 -r
> server
> /usr/sbin/stunnel -d 636 -r 389

tried that.  i'm gettting the same results as before, however.  
when you do this, are you then able to an ldapsearch on the client 
and have it successfully return results?  

that does give me hope, but leaves me more confused as to what i'm
doing wrong.

blair christensen