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Re: make test failed

At 09:30 AM 6/1/00 -0400, Patrick Larkin wrote:
>Thanks.  Poking around in LinuxPPC newsgroups turned up the fact that many
>haven't been able to get OpenLDAP to work from the source in LinuxPPC and
>YellowDogLinux.  I was pointed to an RPM that suposedly works...I'll try
>that today.

LinuxPPC... ah so... likely something to do with Berkeley DB
DB_THREAD support.  Try GNU GDBM instead of Berkeley DB...


If it works, I suggest adding it to the FAQ Hints section.

>Did anyone test this on LinuxPPC?

Releases are only tested on platforms readily available
to me, the release engineer.  LinuxPPC isn't one of them.