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Re: Base 64 encoded data...

    on Linux you can use 
    uuencode -m filename name >temp.
The name is simply an argument that is used to get the
file name to store when the file is decoded.The base64
encoded file will be temp.But it contains the first
line as some information for decoding. So strip the
first line in the file and you will get the base64
encoded file. For decoding you can use uudecode.


--- Ray Jackson <Ray.Jackson@cern.ch> wrote: > Hi all,
> I have a text file (including new lines) which I
> want to store on the
> LDAP server.  I understand that to do this I need to
> treat the data as
> Base 64 encoded data.  However, how do I convert my
> data to base 64
> encoded data and more importantly how do I convert
> is back to the
> original format after I retrieve the base 64 encoded
> data via an
> ldapsearch?
> Cheers,
> Ray.

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