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Re: openldap woes -- linux

on 5/30/00 6:28 PM, Doug Nazar at nazard@dragoninc.on.ca wrote:

> On 30 May, Patrick Larkin wrote:
>> ldapadd -D "cn=Manager, dc=<MY-DOMAIN>, dc=<COM>" -W < myldif.ldif
>> ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server
> Is the server actually running? Is it on the same server? Try "telnet
> localhost 389". Does it make a connection? Check your log files for any
> messages as well.

This I'm not sure of.  If I run slapd, I get no response.  If I do a

ps ax | grep slapd

there is nothing.  I'm not sure if it works with LinuxPPC or not.

Patrick Larkin
Network Automation