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preemptive threads, PTH, etc

Title: preemptive threads, PTH, etc

I've been experimenting with the GNU Pth stuff for 1.2.10 on Solaris2.6. Some questions:

1. I don't believe the db2.7.7 backend is expected to be build pth-enabled, right ? In other
    words, OpenLDAP's threads will be switched by PTH based on calls into select/read/write,
    but database operations will not cause a thread switch.

    I'm seeing connect timeouts happening from other clients when a long-running database       
    search is in progress, and this (main select loop not getting back control) might be the

    Since the "syscall-soft" option is used during PTH build, to map system calls to
    select/read/write to PTH schedulable equivalents, would it be neccessary to build
    db2.7.7 also to use the PTH mappings ? This would mean including pth.h in their
    header files. Has anybody tried this ?

2. What section of code would need to be reworked to allow "safe" use of pre-emptive threads
    for 1.2.10. Is this likely to be a major redesign, or some simpler changes ?

Thanks, Vinod.