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Re: More stranges in database...

Quoting "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>:

> At 09:33 PM 5/22/00 +0200, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> >I must be doing something really weird with my databases. I administer
> >two machines, our production server and my private machine. The previous
> >problems where with a to big (!?!) database on my private machine. This
> >time it's the production machine!!!
> >
> >I can't search with wild cards any more!!!
> >
> >Any idea what can cause this?
> >
> >----- s n i p -----
> >[donald.pts/3]$ ldapsearch uid=turbo dn
> >uid=turbo,ou=Users,o=Air2Net,c=SE
> >[donald.pts/3]$ ldapsearch 'uid=t*' dn
> >[donald.pts/3]$ ldapsearch 'uid=t.*' dn
> >[donald.pts/3]$ 
> >----- s n i p -----
> Assuming the entry has an attribute uid with a value that starts
> with a t, the second search should have returned the entry.
> Given that it didn't, I assume your indices are hosed.  Use
> ldbmindex to regenerate.

Oki, using ldbmcat to extract the db, removing any lines that started
with [0-9] (to remove the indexing, and then using ldif2ldbm to create
the database again solved the problem. Thanx.

However, I got some strange messages in the syslog when doing ldif2ldbm...

May 26 13:04:01 donald ldif2id2children: no parent "/etc/localtime" of "OU=HOSTS,O=AIR2NET,C=SE" 
May 26 13:04:01 donald ldif2id2children: no parent "<D0>x<C2>*<D0>x<C2>*T,C=SE" of "OU=NETWORKS,O=AIR2NET,C=SE" 
May 26 13:04:03 donald ldif2index: bad line 13 in entry ending at line 13 ignored 

and some other stuff like that... And the produced ldif looks a little strange:

dn: nsLIProfileName=hakan.teleservice.com,ou=Roaming,o=Teleservice Vast AB,c=S
objectclass: top
objectclass: nsLIProfile
nsliprofilename: hakan.teleservice.com
owner: uid=hakan.teleservice.com,ou=Users,o=Teleservice Vast AB,c=SE
creatorsname: uid=admin, ou=Users, o=Air2Net, c=SE
modifiersname: uid=admin, ou=Users, o=Air2Net, c=SE
createtimestamp: 20000404125457Z
modifytimestamp: 20000404125457Z

(Yes, the ' E' is really there like so... It should have been just after
the S on the above line, giving 'SE'...)

There's a lot of those. Cut lines...