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Re: Querying Directory entries

On 26 May, Urban Lindberg wrote:
> Hi
> I tried to use ldbmcat to get an ldif file, runned the
> ldif file through some script, changing som information
> and then tried to use ldif2ldbm, to put everything back.
> It behaved very strange, some entries was added
> succesfully but not all?
> Do You have any experience of this. I solved my problem
> by instead using ldapmodify. And that was probably a
> more correct way, anyway:)

Yes, I have done this several times. First, did you shut down slapd
before running ldbmcat and ldif2ldbm? Second, are you sure that the
ldif file was in a valid format?

If the server was still running, than ldapmodify is definatly the
correct answer.

Doug Nazar
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