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Re: Querying Directory entries

Hi Aoife.
   THe first operation of ldif2ldbm is to delete the existing databases. Ldif2ldbm is only for creation of a complete database not to add items. ladpadd should be used to add entries to an existing database.
    Gerrit Thomson.

Aoife_Kavanagh@rta.nsw.gov.au wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running OpenLDAP (stable) on RedHat 6.2.
> I'm  having problems with using ldapsearch if I do multiple ldif2ldbms with different files.  For exmaple, if I populate my tree using one ldif file and then do a number of successful ldapsearchs then that's fine.  If I then create another ldif file and using ldif2ldbm to put that in the tree, my previous successful ldapsearches now fail with Object Not Found.  So, I shut down my slapd, removed the contents of index directory, concatenated hte two files and then did a new ldif2ldbm and all my ldap searches worked fine again.  I used ldapadd to manually enter new information and that was fine.  Ideas?  Is there a command
> Also, is there a utility that allows you to list the contents of your tree (other than ldapsearch), and is there a utility to remove/delete an entry?  Sorry if these are obvious questions I just can't find them.
> Thanks,
> Aoife