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RE: PTH support in OpenLDAP 1.x

Title: RE: PTH support in OpenLDAP 1.x

I'm using PTH 1.3.5, its a single-CPU Solaris2.6 machine.

Come to think of it, I was using yielding-select with the
original (pre-emptive) build earlier on. Then why doesn't
it do the same from within PTH... hmm. I wonder if any
additional libraries need to be specified in LIBS.

If yielding select works, that would presumably spin less.


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Subject: Re: PTH support in OpenLDAP 1.x

> From:    Vinod Nair <vnair@broadjump.com>

> Actually, I did build Pth with the --enable-syscall-soft option. The
> "ldapsearch blocked" problem happens inspite of that.
> --without-yielding-select seems to have helped though.

So, what version of pth are you using?  Also, I wonder if your Solaris
patch level is similar to mine.  I ask because I've built it both with
and without yielding-select.  The test I built to help me answer your
question was built "with" yeilding select.  I don't mean to imply that
my way is better than your's, but understanding the difference is
probably illuminating.