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Re: ldap_add: Operations error

> >    <= id2entry_add -1
> >    id2entry_add failed
> That's not a healthy error.  You likely have a corrupted
> database.  I suggest rebuilding using ldapadd(1).

I've removed all the DB and I have create all again, but when I tried
"ldapadd -D "cn=manager,c=es" -w secret -f base.entries"

where base.entries:

    dn: cn=Rocio, ou=Person,c=es
    objectClass: administrator
    cn: Rocio
    jpegPhoto:: R0lG0DlhjgDAAPABAAA .....

it happens again. I tried to add it again but it says that "Already
exists", I tried to delete the entry but another Operations error

> What version of OpenLDAP are you running?

    I'm running OpenLDAP-2.0 alpha version. But I tried it with the
OpenLDAP-1.2.9 stable version and I had the same result.

    Could it be that the photo were too big? Cause I try to add an entry
with a minor size base-encoding64 file instead of the photo and that's

    Thanks a lot.