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Re: Easy way to add slaves???

> From:    Koen Bosmans <kbo@elex.be>
> To:      openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org

> What is the easiest way to add slave ldap servers???

You *do* have a stop the master to add a slave, no way around it.  The
master creates the replog, and the replog contains the list of hosts to
replicate to.  My procedure for adding slaves is as follows:

    Change slapd.conf to list the new slave.

    Stop slurpd and manually edit slurpd.status, copying the line of
    and existing slave, changing the name to match the new slave.

    Stop slapd on an existing slave.  Copy the database to the new
    slave.  Start slapd on both slaves.

    Restart slapd on the master.

    Restart slurpd.

By, for instance, creating an "administrative" slave, you can always
take down a non-production slave to do copies.  Also, stopping the master
only causes writes to fail, not reads -- presuming that you direct
most or all read traffic to read-only slaves.