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Re: Lotus domino (5.0.3)?

I've tried some more of this. My program `mmx' reads a list of user ids
from a file containing 3707 of them (4 or 6 characters in length) and
performs a simple search with a filter of "(uid=%s)". Here are the results:

Server          OS/Hardware                                          Time    Queries/sec
Domino 5.02b    NT4SP5,  Netfinity 5500/1.5GB RAM                    650s        5.7
Domino 5.02c    Linux Redhat 6.2, HP Vectra, PIII 550MHZ, 128MB       14s      264.8
OpenLDAP 1.2.10 Linux Redhat 6.2, Netfinity 5500/1GB RAM               6s      617.8

Client is a busy Linux box running Redhat 6.1, running over a 100MB network.
The OpenLDAP server was loaded with a copy of the Domino Directory data,
extracted with `ldapsearch -L'. The Domino on the Linux box has *less* data
in the Directory, which may or may not explain the massive time differences.


On 5 May 2000, Dirk Vleugels wrote:

> I benchmarked the Domino 5.0.3 LDAP Server to check if it would be a
> solution for a _demanding_ authentication/authorization setup. It was
> generally 10x slower compared to a out of the box
> openldap-1.2.9. Retrieving multiple DN's (10 or more) for one search
> was unbearable.
> No complex search filters used.