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Re: some questions

At 06:58 PM 5/9/00 -0500, Vinod Nair wrote: 
> 1. Where can I find some details on the implementation of indexes ?


> Is this a backend thing, or does OpenLDAP actually do something with these ?

OpenLDAP database backends (the layer between the frontend and the
underlying database manager) manages indices.

> If I have an indexed attribute that is used in most of my objectclasses, 
> what are the performance implications ? 

In general:
  Searches will be faster
  Updates (add/modify/modrdn/delete) will be slower.

> 2. How do auxiliary classes actually work ?

OpenLDAP doesn't distinguish categories of object classes.

> Is the auxiliary class data actually stored contiguously
> with the original class data on disk, or is some pointer 
> to the aux class data stored (and a performance penalty) ?

Attributes types don't belong to classes, they are allowed/required
by classes.  That is, there is only one attribute type X in
a given entry which must be allowed by one of the object classes
of the entry.

> So, are auxiliary classes still the best way to come up
> with an "extensible" schema definition ? 

Best?  That's depends.  I generally recommend schema extension
via auxiliary classes.