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Re: using -W/-w <binddnpasswd>

> I know this question is too naive...
> But I couldnt get any answer to this.
> What is the purpose of -W or -w <binddnpasswd> ?
> Rather, how can I configure such way that the ldapsearch requires
> password and what attribute carry the password for an individual
> entry?
> regards,
> Cibu

In the beginning there was -w <binddnpasswd>, and it was good.  But
then many a wise person knows that on many systems, this exposes the
password through the ps command, and users feared for their security.
So then it was said, "Let there be a -W option, and when there
is -W, we shall prompt for the password, thus not exposing it in the
ps command."  And so it was, that users need fear no more.  And this
freed the security gods to move on to other security methods, such
as SASL, and it was very good.