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Viability of OpenLDAP

Is there anyone out there using OpenLDAP in a mission
critical environment with a heavy load on it? We are
looking to move our profile management to LDAP and
hate the idea of letting Netscape or Oracle in the
door (bloodsuckers that they are). I have two main

1. Is there any way to get OpenLDAP to use a more
heavy duty database than the Berkeley one, like Sybase
or Informix? Even an OODBMS like eXcelon would be
worth looking at!
2. How do you scale this solution? We are going to
have millions of users in the LDAP server from the
word go.

I am looking for someone who has some experience with
it. I would like to pay you a consulting fee first to
just talk to me on the phone, then to give me some
feedback on my proposal for a next generation profile
management system.

Rob Williams

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