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Re: Lotus domino (5.0.3)?


We are using Domino 4.6.5 and are currently evaluating 5.0.3.  I haven't
had a look at 5.0.3 yet but with previous versions my impression of LDAP
support was mixed.  I'm particularly interested in replication and
referrals, LDAP support under domino doesn't completely follow the
protocol spec. in either of these.

I have a feeling that Lotus is trying to get Domino more and more up to
protocol spec. with each new release, so perhaps 5.0.3 will have more.
Until it provides everything I would expect from an  LDAP server I really
can't use it.


Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> We're (ie, me :) is evaluating Lotus Domino for our business/project
> management, and I discovered that Domino is using a LDAP database
> for (everything?) it's administration system...
> We're already using OpenLDAP for our mail/user database. Anyone tried
> to put the Domino system in a OpenLDAP?