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replicating subtrees of the directory only


is it possible to only replicate _subtrees_ of a directory to a "slave"
server ? Let´s say that I have do have two subtrees "machine=speedy,
cn=mycompany, cn=de" and "machine=runner, cn=mycompany, cn=de" on the main
ldap-server and that I would like to replicate all information in the
subtree "machine=speedy ..." to a slapd that runs on "speedy" and all
information in the subtress "machine=runner ..." to a slapd that runs on
"runner". Is this possible ? (if yes: it would be nice if you could point me
into the right direction)

The nice thing about this would be that the slapd on the ldap-slaves only
has exactly the information it needs (so dbsize is small --> lookup is fast)
and that an update of a record on the main ldap-server will not put load on
_all_ slaves but only on the ones that carry this particular subtree.

I would like to use this to have centralized user-management without having
the main ldap-server as performance bottleneck or SPOF.