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Replication: What happens if slave dies in multi-replication environment ?


I would like to use ldap (not nis/nis+) for keeping my user data for several
machines in a single ldap-database which runs on a dedicated ldap server.
Since I want to put as little load as possible on the ldap-server (and I
dont want to have the ldap-machine to be a SPOF) I am planning to put
replicas of the directory on every machine. I hope that I will get a
reasonable performance (using nscd) for uid/gid lookups etc. on the clients.

What I am wondering about now: If I replicate the directory to multiple
"client"-machines and one or more of of those machines go down for some
hours: Will
the machines automatically "sync" to the server when they come back up ?
(when I use
slurpd). What will happen if the dedicated ldap-server fails ? Will the
slapds on the client simply keep running not caring about the "authorative"
Server being down ?

Thanks for your answers,