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Re: basic directory structure

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 12:30:33PM -0400, nazard@dragoninc.on.ca wrote:
> It really boils down to how you plan on accessing and administrating
> the database. Unless you are talking a huge (i.e. millions) of records,
> it doesn't really matter if they are in separate databases.
> For example, a search can only be formed from the base of a database.
> So in method 1 you can easily search your entire database however with
> method 2 you are limited to searching each tree individually.

Aha, very true, searching is easier with the all-under-one-suffix

> Is this to be used by and internal application or something else?

Not particularly, it's just a way to store the company's various and
disseminated contacts under one roof and allow employees to easily
access/update them.

I was just wondering what is the "canonical" way of doing things in that

Thanks for your input,

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