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Re: openldap config for netscape certificates? (partial success)

I' ve come as far as you already have in making netscape communicator work fine with openldap to get  S/MIME certificates.   Communicator (4.6.1 on Linux kernel 2.2.17) detects that a certificate exists for any member of the directory, but the certificate does not get properly imported into the browser.
Netscape is able to get email address and other infos (telephone ecc ...) from ldap server.
If I get the certificate with ldapsearch, everything works fine.
If you (or others in the mailing list) have fixed this, I' d appreciate some help.
I' m posting this message because I couldn' t find any answer related to this subject on OpenLDAP archives (maybe my fault !!).
L. Modeo
Sorry for sending twice this message to you,  but I forgot to post the former message to the mailing list too. I do not want to seem to "cross-post" !