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Re: problems with purging(?) LDAP database

"Jesse M. Davis" wrote:
> Hello.  I have had problems resetting my LDAP database.  I'm using
> OpenLDAP-1.2.9 , and have been doing the following to reset the database:
> shut down slapd
> cd /home/ldap
> rm -f *        (i remove everything)
> start slapd
> ldif2ldbm  my LDAP tree

Wrong.  Don't run ldif2ldbm while slapd is started.  That is an offline
tool.  Use ldapadd.

> next_id_read: could not open "/home/ldap/NEXTID"
> After this, I cannot search for anything in my LDAP directory, e.g.
> ldapsearch "objectclass=*"    returns back nothing.

Obviously, you failed in loading your database: it is empty.