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Re: adding usernames

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Robert Williams wrote:
> I can add the following file (new.ldif):
> dn: cn=Robert Williams, dc=usuhs, dc=mil
> cn: Robert
> sn: Williams
> objectclass: person
> ____________________
> but the Netscape ldap client returns
> with: ...ldap error "no such object" (0x20)
> when searching for names containing any
> part of "Robert Williams"
> ______________________

According to "Netscape LDAP Deployment Guide, chapter 6":
"A commonmistake is to assume that you search your directory
based on the attributtes used in the distinguished name.  This
is not true.  The disinguished name is only a unique 
indentifier for the directory entry, and you cannot search
against it. ... Thus, if yoout dn contains the value
cn=babs jensen, then you can cannot search against that
attribute-data pair unless you have defined cn: babs jensen
in directory entry"

German Poo Caaman~o