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Re: newbie slapd.conf question

dc stands for domain component.  So in the domain foo.com, foo and com are
domain components.

So you can represent foo.com as




Both of them accomplish the goal of getting a globally unique name for the
foo.com organization (if everyone plays nice and uses domain names).  Which
to choose?  I choose dc=foo,dc=com since it is advocated in an RFC (I forget
which), and if you can refer someone to an RFC you are usually safe :-)


marcr@crt.com wrote:

> When looking at slapd.conf there are two lines as follows:
>         suffix "dc=my-domain, dc=com"
>         # suffix "o=My Organization Name, c=US"
> What is the "dc="?  How do these two lines differ?  Is this documented
> anywhere (I couldn't find it on the man pages/faq/mailing list anywhere)?
> When I look at the U of M admin guide it doesn't show the dc syntax
> anywhere, just the o=?  I'm just trying to get a complete understanding of
> what is going on.
> thanks for the patience,
> Marc