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Re: ldapadd question

> Thanks for the response.
> Gave that a shot now I'm getting "LDAP host/port does not match replica:
> lines" message.  As I remember this is why I had the replica lines in the
> first place because Openldap was complaining when they weren't there.  I took
> a look at my Netscape slapd.conf and don't have any replication lines in
> there.  Any ideas ?
> Thanks - Tod
> > Get rid of the replica and time lines.  You can also generate a single
> > file, and pass it to ldapmodify, as it will handle deletes, adds, and
> > updates.  This will simplify your file generation and make your tool
> > standard such that Netscape Directory Server should take it.
> >
> > Randy

Well, you can use ldapmodify -F -- that will make it ignore the replica
lines if they are there, but ldapmodify certainly does not require them.

It's the input to ldapmodify that matters, not what's in slapd.conf.
That's where the replica lines are that you need to get rid of.

You *are* using ldapmodify, and not slurpd (in one-shot mode), right?