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Re: database krash

I had it too some time ago (actualy twice),

I was setting up a testserver for ldap and I did some tests on it. I
wasn't debugging or so, just normal working...
A few day after that I checked the server and everything out of the LDAP
database was gone!!!! Except the base entry o=XXXXX,c=YY. A month later
it was the same thing, but I always was thinking that I did something
stupid and erased the database without knowing it.
But it seems that I'm not the only one....

Koen Bosmans

Fabrice Nouet wrote:

> Hello all,
> when I stop slapd and start slapd into debug mod, all
> datas int the base are deleted ?
> (killall slapd , slapd -d 256)
> ldapsearch "objectclass=*" -> no such object
> Is someone has found this bug ?
> Fabrice
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