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[Q] How to make a OpenLDAP tree for me ?

Hi, all

I'm a new. I have some questions.
I'm gonna use LDAP directory service for below purposes. But I have no idea.
Please, give me any comments.

* System Spec :
	- Solaris 7
	- OpenLDAP 1.2.9
	- Apache 1.3.12
	- php 3.0.15 

	(But I'm testing on FreeBSD box now)

* Objectives 
	- E-Mail/Web Login user/passwd authentication
	- E-Mail address book services for MS OutLook 2000
	- Resource permission, e.g., shared folder in NT 

Q1. Do you know any resource URL or papers about these issues ??

Q2. Do I have to write a code (C, perl, or anything else) for E-Mail/Web authentication ?
      Which other tools/modules do I need ??

Q3. Is it possible to control the access permission of resources  ?

Q4. To serve a address book for MS Outlook, do I need any special attributes or anything else?

Below is about OpenLDAP itself. I'm sorry if they are repeated questions

Q5. Several 'objectclass' are in a 'dn' entry. e.g.

	dn:	cn=admin, o=myorg
	cn:	admin
	sn:	admin
	objectclass:	top
	objectclass:	person
	objectclass:	organization
	< bla,bla,bla... >

  As I understand, it is enough that one dn has one objectclass. Am I wrong ?
  If then, what does it mean ?

Thank you for your advanced help.



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