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Re: ldap enabled adduser, chfn, passwd, etc

Seth Vidal (skvidal@phy.duke.edu) wrote:
> > has anyone written ldap replacements for the tools normally used to manage
> > unix passwords? this could probably be done with perldap but i don't want to
> > step on anyone's feet with this.
> well at least passwd and probably chfn could be done with pam.
> -sv

can pam_ldap write to ldap? excellent! i don't know why that didn't occur to

but i should have worded my question differently. i'm not so much concerned
with replacing those tools since my organization is not ready to get rid of
the standard unix password system. this will be used to handle users of the
mail and web system only. perhaps i'm looking for a wrapper to ldapadd that
looks like adduser.

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