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Re: ldap enabled adduser, chfn, passwd, etc

chfn refuses to work, it just says it can only be used to alter
local information.

Adduser manages to check if the user to be added already exists in the
directory provided nss_ldap is installed, but otherwise core dumps on
I've written some scripts to add and remove users from the ldap server,
but they could be improved, of course. Contact me if you want to see

Em Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 01:40:11PM -0400, Seth Vidal escreveu:
> > has anyone written ldap replacements for the tools normally used to manage
> > unix passwords? this could probably be done with perldap but i don't want to
> > step on anyone's feet with this.
> well at least passwd and probably chfn could be done with pam.
> -sv

Andreas Hasenack
BIG Linux user!