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Re: Problem compiling Apache using PHP with LDAP

Antonin Novak wrote:
> I am attempting to configure Apache server (v 1.3.12) with PHP3 (v
> 3.0.16) the --with-ldap option chosen.
> PHP3 configures and installs ok, but when I try to run make in the
> apache directory I get a lot of errors saying that for example
> modules/php3/libphp3.a (ldap.o): In function "_close_ldap_link":
> /usr/local/php-3.0.16/functions/ldap.c:128 undefined refernece to
> "ldap_unbind_s"
> I receice approx 50 similar error messages .
> Has anyone come accross this or know how to resolve it
> Thanks
> Tony
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I don't know about PHP, but I saw some similar messages when I was
trying to compile mod_ldap support into apache. The problem was caused
because the module you are linking in is looking for the ldap library
(which contains all the ldap-specific functions).

I found the solution to be to edit the apache-src/src/Configuration.tmpl
file and add the following entries:

EXTRA_LIBS=-lldap -llber

Then run the apache configure utility.

Please note the path "/home/rfadler/bin/openldap-1.2.9" is where I
installed openldap.

Good luck.
Rick Fadler