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Re: ldap population

what my shop needs is a versital ldap configuration console. preferably
something cross platform but we'd settle for less. is there something with
an interface akin to the windows registry editor?

Mark Ferraretto (mferrare@ferraretto.com) wrote:
> Do you mean their address book under Netscape?  That works on Linux.  I
> don't know if their directory servers are available under Linux.  YOu can
> get their SDK for linux though.

do you have a url for that?

> PS:  YOu only sent this to me, not the mailing list.

sorry. i'll cc: the list next time.

> > Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 21:19:21 -0400
> > From: Jacob Kuntz <jake@megabite.net>
> > To: mark@ferraretto.com
> > Subject: Re: ldap population
> > 
> > thanks. i know that the netscape servers use ldap as a directory service.
> > does anyone know if the tools they use are available under linux?

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