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Pls help: LDAP map in sendmail 8.10.0

Hi there,

I'm testing with ldap map in sendmail 8.10.0.  It's mentioned in the release 
note that:

	New LDAP map flags: "-1" requires a single match to be returned, if
	more than one is returned, it is equivalent to no records
	being found; "-r never|always|search|find" sets the LDAP
	alias dereference option; "-Z size" limits the number of
	matches to return.

I added the flag "-1" to mailRoutingAddress map and search for something like 
this: mail=*a*@domain.host, it only returns the first entry matched.  
However, I user ldapsearch with the same filter and get several entries 
returned.  Found that ldap_count_entry() returns 1 in this case.  I wonder if 
"single match" means single value attribute (e.g. rfc822Mailbox) in the same
entry is expected.  I got the same result for OpenLDAP 1.2.9 and 2.0Alpha3.

Would anyone please advise?
Thanks a lot.

ST Wong

S.T. Wong                           | Email: st-wong@cuhk.edu.hk