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Forcing referrals to be followed

RedHat Linux 6.1
OpenLDAP V1.2.9

I have searched the FAQ and list archives but unfortunately have not
come across a solution for the following.

My current server has limited memory.  I am aiming to use the LDAP
server to serve e-Mail addresses.

Because we are a small part of a much wider group only some 4,000
addresses will be used regularly of the 15,000 that I have access to.

Therefore I was thinking, to increase performance, that I would
separate the entries into two or more ldbm databases.  The second
would be referred to by the first and would contain the addresses not
so commonly used.

The ldbm databases reside on the same machine.

Anyway when I set it up I cannot get ldapsearch or Microsoft
Outlook2000 to follow the referral unless I specify the OU in the
search criteria.

Is there a document outlining how to successfully using multiple ldbm
back ends to serve different parts of the same tree on the same
server. Or could someone please be kind enough to provide an example.

The final idea is to cache the commonly used entries in memory and
leave the not so common on disk.

Many thanks in advance.