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slapd and HUGE (?) db

I started to create a database, with a lot of info. The machine started to
be increasingly slower, and eventually the kernel started to kill processes,
because slapd was eating all the memory AND all the swap. I had 128Mb (now
256Mb), with 250Mb swap (I tried with 512Mb swap), but it still eventually

The db file was 1.6Gb, and i had only half of my records in there! I had
to remove all that extra info (with ldbmcat, perl and then ldif2ldbm etc).

How come it ate all my available memory? I thought that with the 'cachesize'
variable left out from the config, it would only cache 1000 entries (at least
that's what the man page say :)

I tried to turn of indexing etc...