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search level one vs. sub


Can anybody explain me why 
  '-b "ou=10829,ou=kunden,dc=westend,dc=com" -s sub 'objectclass=*' dn" 
gives me
  cn=pp10829x,ou=DialupAccounts,ou=10829,ou=Kunden, dc=westend,dc=com
  cn=pp10829y,ou=DialupAccounts,ou=10829,ou=Kunden, dc=westend,dc=com
whereas "-s one 'objectclass=*' dn" shows:
  ou=DialupAccounts,ou=10829,ou=Kunden, dc=westend,dc=com

Why is "ou=DialupAccounts" missing in the subtree search?!

According to http://developer.netscape.com/viewsource/ldap_models/
there should even ou=10829 be displayed. 



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