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LDAP Referrals

Can someone point me to some information on how LDAP V3 referrals operate?

I'm looking at the V2 referral support in OpenLDAP at the moment, but it seems
to have a few unexpected features and I'd like to know whether they will
persist in V3.

1. I've already posted about V2 referrals only being followed as part of a
search and not add/modify operations. Does V3 allow for referrals as part of
all operations?

2. If you set the base DN of a query to a subtree which *DOESN'T* contain a
referral, the referral is *still* generated and the slave slapd still gets
queried. I must admit this was not what I expected!

3. Is there support for the server to follow the referral on behalf of the


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