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Re: dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Andrew Kornuta wrote:

> Anyhow, when I attempt to do an ldapsearch -b "rtn=987654321, o=Digital
> Insight" "rtn=987654321" (rtn is an attribute that I added to a new object
> class.  The object class is defined in slapd.oc.conf, and all the attributes
> are in slapd.at.conf.  It is a fully qualified Distinguished Name) the
> command returns "ldap_search: No such object" and on the console (where
> slapd is running in full debug mode) I see the message "<= dn2id could not
> open dn2id.dbb".
> Anyone have any ideas?

dn2id.dbb is the database file that maps DN's onto the internal ID of an entry.
If this file cannot be found it suggests that there is a problem with the
underlying database.

If you run slapd with a "-d 1" and look for the ldbm_cache_open lines, you
should see the full path that the slapd is trying to open.

Check your "directory" line in your slapd.conf - it should point to the
filesystem location for the various database files. If this directory exists
and contains files, check the permissions and ownerships to make sure the slapd
can read them.

If the directory doesn't exist or is empty you need to use ldif2ldbm to turn
your LDIF into the necessary database files.


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