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dn2id could not open dn2id.dbb

I'm using openldap v1.2.9 on AIX v4.3.2.

I can include my slapd.conf file, ldif data, slapd.at.conf, and
slapd.oc.conf if it's needed to provide help with this problem, but I
figured it's a bit lengthy to include by default.

Anyhow, when I attempt to do an ldapsearch -b "rtn=987654321, o=Digital
Insight" "rtn=987654321" (rtn is an attribute that I added to a new object
class.  The object class is defined in slapd.oc.conf, and all the attributes
are in slapd.at.conf.  It is a fully qualified Distinguished Name) the
command returns "ldap_search: No such object" and on the console (where
slapd is running in full debug mode) I see the message "<= dn2id could not
open dn2id.dbb".

Anyone have any ideas?

Help is appreciated...