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RE: Netscape LDAP vs OpenLDAP

I looked into the two.. I liked netscape, but (and if you are looking into
million users this is important) is terribly expensive... I could not get
prices bellow $.5 per entry, which becomes pretty high for xM users...

That was the reason to drop it.

What did I like? V3, but openldap will have that. It's faster than openldap
(small test's on unloaded machine done some months ago... sorry, no more
details...), but I attributed to a better use of the db library. they both use
sleppycat db, but Netscape is using the db2 api and openldap is using db2 in
1.85 compability mode... There is a back-db2 somewhere, at least plans to do

See ya

On 29-Mar-2000 Alex Zakharov wrote:
> Hi,
> I would appreciate any comments or pointers on comparing Netscape LDAP and 
> OpenLDAP. I have noticed a few emails on this list where people attempt to 
> migrate from Netscape to OpenLDAP or trying to integrate the two. One 
> obvious and big advantage of OpenLDAP is the fact that is free, on the other 
> hand OpenLDAP is not LDAPv3 compliant yet. Are there other 
> advantages/disadvantages? My company is looking for a high-performance, 
> very-scalable solution (over million users).
> Any help on the subject would be great,
> Alex Zakharov
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